Double Mag Pouch - 9mm Solo-NANO-LC9-P239, Belt

Double Mag Pouch - 9mm Solo-NANO-LC9-P239, Belt

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Manufacture ID: 6911NDBH

The light Fobus Belt Holster Double Mag Pouch 9mm Single Stack with Tension Adj. Screws provides a low profile for effectively covering firearms. This Magazine Carrier from Fobus allows for the user to carry an extra mag with comfort and security. Fobus Belt Double Magazine Pouch also guarantees a snug fit from its custom hold technology, while enabling the user to quickly draw the firearm. And Fobus 9mm Magazine Pouch's molded plastic casing ensures that your weapon's finish won't endure any scratches. Fobus Pouches, providing exceptional firearm accessories for law and military professionals.


- Manufacture ID: 6911NDBH
- Low profile design for concealability
- Holds mag(s) allowing quick access
- Custom retention & exceptional fit
- Won't scratch/deform mag(s)
- Color:Black