38 Special - 77 Grains, ARX, Per 20

38 Special - 77 Grains, ARX, Per 20

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Manufacture ID: 0038SPRARX077-001B00020P

The Next Generation Of Self-Defense Technology. Introducing patent-pending Ruger ARX Ammunition. Precision-engineered with advanced materials in the development laboratory of PolyCase Ammunition, ARX ammo achieves extreme performance in a cutting-edge design. Ruger ARX Ammunition is on-target to revolutionize the self-defense ammunition industry.


- Revolutionary Design: The ARX bullet is a revolutionary step forward in self defense.
- High Speed, Yet Low Recoil: For maximum force to target and fast, repeated target acquisition.
- Advanced Materials: Copper-polymer matrix performs in a wide range of firearms, including suppressed weapons.
- ARX Technology: Acts as a force multiplier, dispersing energy forward and laterally.


- Caliber: .38 Special ARX
- Muzzle Velocity: 1116 fps
- Bullet Weight: 77 Grains
- Muzzle Energy: 213 ft. lbs.
- Quantity: 20 Per Box