.357 Sig-.38 Super Caliber Bullets - TMJ, (.355

.357 Sig-.38 Super Caliber Bullets - TMJ, (.355" Diameter), 125 Grains, Flat Bose, (FN), Per 100

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Manufacture ID: 4362

357 Sig/38 Super TMJ - Total Metal Jacket
Diameter: .355"
Weight: 125gr
Ballistic Coefficiency: 0.147
Box Count: 100
Uni-Cor Construction

Speer Totally Metal Jacketed handgun bullets, TMJ for short, represent the highest level of evolution in the full metal jacket bullet. Uni-Cor construction eliminates the opening at the bullet base. This means reduce airborne lead because the lead core is encapsulated in copper. Conventional FMJ bases can also deform under pressure, and that hurts accuracy.

If you're shooting a handgun with a ported compensator, the ports won't become clogged with lead. Accurate and economical.

Note: These are component bullets, not loaded ammunition.

Warranty: Warranted against manufacturers defects.