30 Caliber Bullets - 168 Gr BTHP Match (Per 100)

30 Caliber Bullets - 168 Gr BTHP Match (Per 100)

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Rifle Bullets
30 Caliber (.308)
168 Grain Boattail Hollow Point, Match
Packed Per 100

Hornady match bullets are the result of taking a fundamentally sound design- the boattail hollow point-and pushing that design to perfection. Hornady match bullets are also subject to painstakingly stringent production and testing controls. And they are not just tested in the lab. They are tested in competition by the ballistic engineers who designed them. So you can be confident that every enhancement to Hornady match bullets has and will happen for one reason only-to improve the score.

Hornady match bullets continue their growing surge in popularity by winning more matches than ever before. More and more competitive shooters are discovering that Hornady match grade boattail hollow point bullets can print groups that are consistently tighter than competitive bullets. As competition shooters themselves, ballistic engineers want to win, just like you. They refuse to make design changes that don't improve performance only for the sake of change. Hornady prefers to focus on refining the elements of match bullet design that are proven to affect accuracy.

Note: These are component bullets, not loaded ammunition.

Warranty: No risk, lifetime warranty.