About us

Who we are. 

Our unit is made up of veterans of the military and law enforcement. Here is who we are.

SSgt Geoffrey Ward, spent 6 years active duty in the Air Force, and has spent 2 years in the Oklahoma Air National Guard, and is still currently serving today. Geoffrey was an F-15 Crew Chief while active and spent a lot of time in Asia and the Middle East. Now he is an F-16 Crew Chief, and gets to continue his service in the Air National Guard.

Marine Corps Sgt. Brian Rogers(sep) served in the Marine Corps reserves as a 0352 Anti Tank Assault Guided Missleman(Tow Gunner) from 2004-2010. Rogers deployed on a combat tour in 2007-2008 to Al Anbar Province, Iraq where he served as Security Detail for the Battalion Commander and machine gunner while training the Iraqi Army. After returning home he served as a Police Officer for 7 years before pursuing private business.